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Beautiful Physics Experiments on your Mac.

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Forget your language difficulties with this app!

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*** Redshift, ведущая астрономическая программа, теперь доступна и на Mac !***
Версия Redshift для iOS имеет рейтинг пять звёзд из пяти возможных и отмечена в ежегодных категориях Apple’s Rewind 2011 и 2012 Editors’ Choice!

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***** 40% off for a limited time *****

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Maquarium is aquarium management software for the novice or expert fish keeper. It allows users to track 17 different chemicals, schedule tasks, keep notes, analyze expenses and manage inventory. Maquarium features a built-in database that contains information which helps you track and maintain the delicate needs of each fish, plant, coral

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All the apps that you need in just one!
A translator, a voice recorder, a voice synthesizer and a safari translator, all readily available in this app!

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A.C.E. Tomcat is a fully interactive mobile app featuring one of the most recognisable and iconic fighter aircraft ever built - the F-14A Tomcat. Make no mistake - this is no game. A.C.E. Tomcat forgoes sketchy controls and low quality graphics found in most apps and instead provides the user with an unprecedented level of detail, allowing the user to interact with a high fidelity 3d model of the Tomcat, and learn about the history, capabilities and fascinating, little known facts about this incredible fighter jet.

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Accurately Grade and Measure Stamp Perforations

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√ Enhanced for the MacBook and iMac with Retina display

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NVA Reader is a perfect reader designed for professionals. It is optimized for their works and study. The reader will not only give you the excellent reading experience but also the comfortable feeling. NVA Reader is very smart and smooth, you will rarely face a bug.

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