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AtmoBar has been totally redesigned and recoded from the ground up.

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LuckGrib is a fully featured, easy to use, fast GRIB reader, viewer and downloader

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*** Best New App by Apple as a Best New App *** Top Rated Mac App by Macworld *** Featured by Lifehacker *** Full Touch Bar Support ***

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Securing access to your device has to be the single most important issue you face daily. That is why it is important to choose a locking device that performs the moment you install the software.

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Lock Your Screen. This is the real deal.

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Coffee Break is now featured as a Staff favourite on the App Store! Along with great apps like Daily Expenses this break taking device is a perfect example of the apps iLifeTouch loves to build. We build apps that make your life easier one
day at a time!

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Introducing Motion Weather 4K: The most insanely beautiful and innovative weather application ever conceived. Motion Weather 4K turns your Wallpaper into breathtaking Cinema quality 4K video based on the Weather conditions outside — and is an excellent weather application in it’s own right. Motion Weather 4K also “knows” when it’s day time and night time and automatically switches to night time 4K videos when it’s night outside! We’ve spent countless hours shooting and licensing some of the highest quality 4K videos in the world to deliver an experience like no other; and then spent even more time developing the app itself.

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Add the moon to your menu bar and view moon calendar with all its phases in just one click. Its so simple to use and much more convenient than anything else, it quickly becomes an indispensable tool for your Mac.

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Introducing Radar Live - a stunning app which brings live radar and the weather to your Mac!

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***** 30% OFF, Hurry now !!!
Live VideoWall is the ultimate collection of 100+ exclusive wallpapers with eye-catching animations and more live wallpapers to be added each and every week.

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See the weather forecasts Meteogram for every part of world.

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749 р.
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Clear Day® для Mac (бывший Weather HD), самое популярное «погодное» приложение для iPhone и iPad, теперь доступно и для Mac: сохраняя удивительную красоту и дизайн Clear Day, оно разработано специально для Mac OS X.

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Thanks for making us the #1 marine navigation app!
Celebrate with us: 50% off JULY 4th SALE

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Представляем Погода HD - потрясающую, уникальную аппликацию, которая оживит ваш рабочий стол!

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169 р.
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baratmo allows you to see your netatmo stations' data directly in your Mac's menubar. Note that you need an account at netatmo.com, and access to at least one netatmo weather station for this app to have a use.

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