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“Джокер” - карточная интеллектуальная игра, рассчитанная на 4-х человек. 

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"We don’t hand out many perfect ratings at TouchGen. I have personally reviewed about a thousand games, and given less than ten of those a five star rating. King Cashing 2 improves on the original in ways I couldn’t even imagine, and takes the formula into a completely new realm."

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Chinese 13 Card Poker is a fun and addicting card game for up to 4 players online with Game Center, or locally using Bluetooth or Pass-n-Play on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

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Poker odds taken to the next level... Hand ranges, hand rank stats, draw stats, equity heat charts, save hands, and more. Other apps can show odds of making a full house. This app can drill down deeper and see odds of each specific full house. Want to see breakdown of only the hands won? Now you can. Want to see breakdown of hands that use both hole cards? Now you can.

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Геминатор - это новые игровые автоматы с неповторимым и поражающим сюжетом, потрясающей графикой и большими выигрышами! Все игровые автоматы Геминатора обладают своей изюминкой, делающей игру более захватывающей, более впечатляющей и занимательной!

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