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  • Pазработчик: Demodit GmbH
  • Demodit GmbH
  • Категория: Погода
  • Погода
  • Совместимо с: Mac
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1150 р.
899 р.(скидка 22%)

Виджеты, погода в доке и в строке меню.

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229 р.
149 р.(скидка 35%)

It’s just a inconspicuous cloud when you start, but you will grow into a super hurricane. In this process, you have to continue to absorb the energy on Earth. But also you face other strong competitors from around the world. They want to swallow you all the time. Your energy is from air or ocean, water, cloud and heat. To kill small hurricanes will make you grow quickly. The ideal living environment for hurricanes is on the ocean. On the land will lose energy. But if you are strong enough, Nothing can stop you!

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1490 р.
бесплатно р.(скидка 100%)

LuckGrib is a fully featured, easy to use, fast GRIB reader, viewer and downloader

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599 р.
бесплатно р.(скидка 100%)

*** Best New App by Apple as a Best New App *** Top Rated Mac App by Macworld *** Featured by Lifehacker *** Full Touch Bar Support ***

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149 р.
75 р.(скидка 50%)

Securing access to your device has to be the single most important issue you face daily. That is why it is important to choose a locking device that performs the moment you install the software.

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75 р.
бесплатно р.(скидка 100%)

Add the moon to your menu bar and view moon calendar with all its phases in just one click. Its so simple to use and much more convenient than anything else, it quickly becomes an indispensable tool for your Mac.

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