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279 р.
бесплатно р.(скидка 100%)

An elegant dock icon that conveniently and unobtrusively performs word counts on text you copy!

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449 р.
279 р.(скидка 38%)

2 приложения в 1. Применение + встроенный виджет!

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899 р.
449 р.(скидка 50%)

As long as plugSHIELD is running, no one can plug and copy anything from your Mac.

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749 р.
449 р.(скидка 40%)

With Aegis, only your trusted external disks will be able to access your Mac.

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379 р.
75 р.(скидка 80%)

Set it to pull prices and all currency pairs from your favorite coin exchange and get updates at your own pace from real-time to 30 minute in the status bar.

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599 р.
449 р.(скидка 25%)

■ Занимает 3-е место в рейтинге самых платных новостей в категории "Новости" в США.
■ Занимает 4-е место в рейтинге лучших брутто-показателей в категории Новости США.

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75 р.
бесплатно р.(скидка 100%)

This app does not necessary for wi-fi or radio network. Can be easily detecting users and connect by nearby users. Can use to setting to that. Alert, notification, or notification previews.

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379 р.
179 р.(скидка 53%)

Have you ever forgotten to reply to someone? Opened the conversation and got distracted by something else, leaving that person waiting for hours, maybe even days before you got back to them? Of course you have. In fact, you probably have conversations like that RIGHT NOW. Hurry, go check! Or don't: It's 2017, and you better believe there's finally an app for that.

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1490 р.
279 р.(скидка 81%)

Insta Photo Share is the easiest way to quickly sends your Photos to Groups of People Instantly.

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