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Wotja Pro 20 is an awesome ‘generative music’ creator, lab, mixer & player. Use it to generate custom ambient & melodic soundscapes, lush drone mixes, IDM, text-to-music, MIDI, ideas, cut-up & much more.

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229 р.(скидка 40%)

Newer version of v2.11 is here!
New year’s gift, for the health of your eyes!

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бесплатно р.(скидка 100%)

Weight Diary is an easy to use and beautiful application created to help you control your weight, set goals and monitor your progress. Designed to be your best friend, Weight Dairy calculates your ideal weight, helps to set reasonable goals, advise on your progress and provides estimates on when your goal may be achieved. And, of course, it supports social networks. Need some encouragement, want to encourage others or brag of your success? Just share!

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Программа для наглядной документации Ваших показателей измерения кровяного давления и пульса. Данные всегда актуальны, их можно найти даже через несколько месяцев. Вы можете просмотреть Ваши показатели змерения кровяного давления и пульса на каждый день и месяц в общепринятом в медицине графике или в отфильтрованном списке. Таким образом, легко распознаются нарушения. Следите за своим здоровьем и приобретите программу уже сегодня!

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Track your mood without being tracked. Grapefruit is a privacy-first app for managing your mental health. You can write a journal, track your habits and emotions, and use the unique rating system to tie everything together. You then get back real data on your mental health that you can use to make steady improvements to your life.

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Everyone working with a computer can use Workouts Reminder @ Work or @ Home to improve health simply stand up every hour for one minute and reduce Eyestrain following the 20-20-20 rule.

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> 100% Free 54,000+ nutrition facts included.
> Built in BMI Calculator.

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seeMyHealth lets you combine your health information in one place. You can view everything on a full size screen, not just a tiny mobile device. Your information cannot be lost if your devices breakdown or are lost.

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Looking for a 3D trigger point software for advanced and powerful trigger point
analysis for medical practitioners to identify the trigger points and suggest

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