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Collects, tracks and reports on personal prescriptions and their associated information such as doctor, pharmacy, prescriber, drug, usage directions etc.

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The Cristallight’s My Health Report application is your comprehensive health data manager and personal health diary. It allows to store the health information, and review it in a Charts, or Data Table modes, edit the information, save it as a PDF report, or just print it, making it an analog of medical lab test report software.

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OKN Strips can be used to elicit Optokinetic Nystagmus (OKN) for evaluation of neurological, otological or opthalmological disorders, includes a Red Desaturation mode and an Amsler grid for additional eye testing.

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Weight Diary is an easy to use and beautiful application created to help you control your weight, set goals and monitor your progress. Designed to be your best friend, Weight Dairy calculates your ideal weight, helps to set reasonable goals, advise on your progress and provides estimates on when your goal may be achieved. And, of course, it supports social networks. Need some encouragement, want to encourage others or brag of your success? Just share!

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Das komplette ICD-10 2018 Nachschlagewerk für macOS!
Volltextsuche, Druckfunktion und ähnliches machen die Software zum perfekten Werkzeug für den täglichen Gebrauch!

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La Aplicación Medica más completa que existe para la elaboración de expedientes médicos electrónicos.

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Text Speaker Star + Export is a text speaker utility, and it can export voice to MP3 and AIFF.

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seeMyHealth lets you combine your health information in one place. You can view everything on a full size screen, not just a tiny mobile device. Your information cannot be lost if your devices breakdown or are lost.

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Looking for a 3D trigger point software for advanced and powerful trigger point
analysis for medical practitioners to identify the trigger points and suggest

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EasyCellBio is the ultimate software for everybody interested in cell biology!
EasyCellBio offers a new insight into the animal cell biology by providing fully detailed and interactive 3D models and environments built from scientific data.

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