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Felix The Reaper — 3D-головоломка. Это игра в стиле Sokoban, в которой есть все и немного больше: интересные персонажи, яркие цвета и черный юмор.

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The latest title in the KORG DS-10 series, now available for the iOS!

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A peaceful narrative experience, in which the only objective is to satisfy your curiosity.

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Когда Duke Clockface крадет все часы в мире и мир погружается в хаос, задача Beat Sneak Bandit -украсть их обратно!

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  • Pазработчик: Studio Amplify
  • Studio Amplify
  • Категория: Музыка, Игры, Музыка
  • Музыка, Игры, Музыка
  • Совместимо с: iPhone и iPad
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*** "A truly innovative app which certainly achieves its aim of finding a new way to let you make music." - AskAudio ***
*** "They said they would expand my musical imagination…and they succeeded. The future is here and its name is KRFT." - How To Make Hip Hop ***

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"Akihabara looks Japanese, sounds electro-funky, and plays a bit like Tetris. The game requires quick thinking and good timing, and it has game elements which are simple and easy on the eyes. If you like games which require quick reaction times, this isn’t a bad game." - http://www.publicaccessgaming.com/

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This special "VIP" edition of the music industry sim allows you to enjoy it at its best with no interruptions - plus a "Backstage Pass" that invites you behind the scenes to save your changes to all 150 characters!

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